Mozilla Related Work
(last updated: 3-Jul-17)
What's new?

Just added a page to track Embedding stuff. Check it out over here.


Extension Tutorial - this is my local tutorial. I start with a basic helloworld app and layer on more complexity. Not sure where the end of the tutorial will be but most likely something that opens another XUL window and has js and C++ XPCOM components and communicates back to the main window. Something like that anyway.

The following pages deal with writing extensions for either mozilla or firefox:

  • Mozillazine Extension home - This page is part of mozillazine's knowledge base. It is a great resource and has tons of links to other helpful sections. I will repeat the links from here that I find most useful.
  • roachfiend's firefox extension example - A very thorough walk-through of creating a simple hello world extension.
  • Extension Packaging - MoFo technical documentation on packaing extensions in the Firefox 0.9 way (using install.rdf instead of install.js
  • Install.rdf - Mozillazine page about generating an install.rdf and other details regarding this file.
  • Firefox Extension home - The main extension page at MoFo for Firefox extension information
  • Extension Manager - A detailed description of the extension manager and the "latest" changes happening there.
  • Addons - the MoFo page for sponsored(?) plugins and extensions to Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla Suite.
  • site - description

These pages deal with the eXtensible User interface Language developed by Mozilla engineers.

  • XUL - The main MoFo XUL page.
  • XULKit - Rob Ginda's toolkit for building stand alone XUL applications. I haven't downloaded and tried this one out yet, not sure if it is up to date with the current changes.
  • site - description
Other MoFo Related stuff

More projects and pages with Mozilla related information, tips and ideas.

  • Calendar (Sunbird) - The MoFo calendar project. It's getting some help from industry partners and really making some progress.
  • site - description